Début de saison 2023 Pêches plates à Lleida.

Incredible news for the peach industry! We are delighted to share with you the start of the 2023 Flat peaches campaign in the beautiful region of Lleida. This year, the drought that has affected the area has resulted in a wonderful surprise for lovers of this delicious fruit: the drought is favoring the taste quality of the fruits!

The lack of rainfall has caused the peaches to be smaller, but has further concentrated their flavor and natural sweetness. Producers in the region are enthusiastic about the excellent quality they are obtaining and are sure that this year will be one of the best for Flat peaches consumers.

The Flat peach campaign in Lleida is expected to last until the end of September, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy these juicy fruits for longer. From small family farms to large agribusinesses, farmers are working hard to ensure that peaches reach our tables at their peak flavor and freshness.

Let’s take advantage of this season to enjoy this very special fruit and recognize the hard work behind each juicy and sweet bite.

A cordial greeting, Fruit Alliance Team