We care about the product from the beginning: production, quality, packaging, storage, transportation, delivery to the customer and their requirements. This allows us to optimize the entire process. We organize the alliance, coordinate its members and market their products.


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Nature performs the miracle of obtaining our products, during this process, our producers accompany it with sustainable and efficient techniques that allow us to protect it and with it, the products it provides us have the quality levels that our customers deserve.

I + D

I+D FruitAlliance

I + D

UDL Lleida

Our sources of talent and knowledge, basic pillars to achieve the excellence of our products.

Fruit trees as CO2 sinks perform an important environmental service

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Quality control

Quality Control

It is a critical aspect in our supply chain. These controls guarantee that our products comply with quality and food safety standards, they are essential to protect the health of consumers and with it the reputation of the alliance, reflecting a job well done in all links, from the field to the customer. final.

Packaging and storage

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage are an important aspect for the conservation and subsequent distribution of our products. The objective is that the product reaches the consumer maintaining all its freshness in the most natural, efficient and sustainable way.

Transportation and distribution

Transportation and Distribution

Transport is carried out safely, with highly specialized and involved Partners, working each product at its proper temperature to always preserve quality. We implement vehicle inspection measures before it and temperature monitoring during it, to guarantee its required value.



Our main objective in marketing is for us a personal relationship, which is built day by day, and which is capable of maintaining the trust of our customers in our products, because they know that they will receive what they need, deserve and just as they want it.

Let us show you what we are capable of.