The 2023 stone fruit season in Lleida is drawing near: ready to face new challenges

The city of Lleida is ready for the stone fruit campaign that will begin in mid-June. Like every year, this season presents great challenges, especially due to the scarcity of water. However, this circumstance can also have its positive side, since it can contribute to obtaining fruits of exceptional organoleptic quality.

Despite the fact that water is a vital resource in the production of stone fruits, the drought in Lleida is not a novelty. Farmers in the region are used to working in adverse conditions and have developed techniques and methods to deal with the lack of water. In this sense, the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years allow them to adapt to changing situations and produce high-quality fruits.

The scarcity of water during the stone fruit season can also have a beneficial effect on the fruit. When trees have limited access to water, the fruit becomes more concentrated and flavorful. In addition, dry conditions can also reduce the incidence of disease in crops, which translates into healthier and more resistant fruit.

In summary, although the stone fruit campaign in Lleida presents challenges every year, the experience and adaptability of the region’s farmers allow them to overcome them successfully. In addition, the scarcity of water can have a positive effect on the quality of the fruit, which makes this season especially interesting for lovers of good food.