The sweet route of the yellow peach in Spain: from Huelva to Aragon

With the arrival of spring, the yellow peach season begins in Spain. This fruit, known for its sweet and juicy flavor, has started in the Huelva area, where farmers are harvesting the first fruits.

After production in Huelva, the yellow peach campaign will move to the Murcia region. This region, known for its production of high-quality fruits and vegetables, is an ideal place for peach cultivation due to its Mediterranean climate.

Subsequently, the yellow peach production will reach the region of Lleida, in Catalonia. Growers in this region are used to working in more extreme climatic conditions, but still produce high quality, flavorful fruit.

Finally, the yellow peach campaign will end in the Aragon region. In this area, producers take advantage of the climatic conditions to grow fruit with great flavor and aroma.

Each region has its own characteristics and challenges, but yellow peach growers in Spain are used to working with them and producing high-quality fruit for consumers.

Yellow peach production is one of the most important in Spain, and this year’s season is expected to be successful and offer high-quality fruit. So do not hesitate to enjoy this delicious fruit in the coming months.

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