The 2023 apricot campaign in Murcia begins with expectations of high-quality fruit

The apricot campaign in the Murcia area has started. Although lack of water can present certain challenges for farmers, it can also have a positive impact on the taste quality of the fruit.

Shortage of water during the growing season can cause apricot trees to concentrate more nutrients in their fruit, which translates to increased sweetness and flavor. In addition, a lack of moisture can reduce the incidence of certain diseases and pests, which means that the fruit is healthier and more resistant.

Despite the fact that drought has been a recurring problem in the Murcia region, farmers have developed techniques and strategies to work in these conditions. For example, they use drip irrigation systems, as well as the use of apricot varieties that are more resistant to lack of water.

In addition to the dry conditions, the apricot campaign in Murcia is also influenced by other factors, such as the weather and market demand. However, the region’s farmers are ready to face these challenges and produce high-quality fruit.

In summary, the start of the apricot campaign in the Murcia area promises a fruit of great taste quality due to the dry conditions that are being experienced. Farmers have developed techniques and strategies to work in these conditions and are ready to face the challenges of the season. Lovers of good food have a lot to look forward to this apricot season in Murcia.